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Oklahoma Letterpress Education Art Program Fund and Route 66 Printmaking Museum

Here's our vision:

We have recently received a generous donation of several letterpress and printmaking items (various sets of wood and metal type, type cabinets, lead cutter, composing table, press accessories) that we want to make use and provide educational programs, opportunities, and outlets to our community.

However, we still require a few more items (most importantly a press) which will allow us to make use of our current printmaking equipment.

We have had this program in the works for the last several years, and recently everything has began to come together.

As the saying goes, "everything comes it its own time," we have been provided the opportunity to make this program open to all and your support is graciously requested.

Here's our goal:

Currently, we are raising money to purchase a Heidelberg Windmill (circa 1956) press for our education studio which will allow us to begin offering letterpress and printmaking educational programs.

After careful consideration and looking at over 50 different presses we felt that the Heidelberg Windmill would provide to be best (and safest) press for all of our requirements. We have chosen the press and it is currently awaiting your generous funding donations to transport it to our location, and set up for use.

There are costs and expenses that we require your support including the transportation of the press to our location, connection/wiring the press to electricity once it reaches our studio, and initial start up items such as ink, paper, rollers, etc.

Pearl's Throw-off Safety Lever - Heidelberg Windmill

Pearl 61 - Heidelberg windmill

Pearl's Inkwell and Rollers

Here's our research:

Heidelberg manufactures are known for their presses and have been operating for over 90 years. The Windmill only ceased production in the early '90s and the first one rolled off the assembly line in the early '30s. The Windmill is a completely versatile press that can accomplish any type of printing from hot foil stamping to printing on tissue paper. It simply does it all. It was coined the "prince of presses" due to its versatility and the sheer ingenuity which was imparted to it in its productions. We are simply overjoyed that we found one in Oklahoma.

Thank you for visiting our site and checking out our page.

Wherever you found this page, we want to keep you updated on our progress, whether or not you had an opportunity to donate there, we encourage you to click the link below to support us in our goal.

Our gift to you!

Anyone who makes a donation of $500 or more will receive a handmade ceramic stoneware steamer(s). These steamers can be used to steam all types of vegetables and simply fit inside a pot filled with water. The steamers are approximately 9-10' in diameter and 12' tall. These make the best gifts for the chefs in the family.

Colors will vary unless your tier of donation states you may choose color. You will be contacted once we capture your donation. If you have questions or inquiries, please contact us!

Stoneware Steamer Inside and Outside

Steaming Golden Beets in Stoneware Steamer

Stoneware Steamer


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